Service Care Packages

Features of the HRMTEC Care Packages:

Discount on the list price of high-tech premium printing foils 10%  20%  30%
Discount on the costs of the first repair (out of warranty) per subscription period (contract year)

30% (Work) / 0% (Material)

100% (Work) / 0% (Material) 100% (Work) / 100% (Material)
Reduced flat rate for delivery, installation on site and training of your employees (optional); list price 600.- EUR (within Germany/Switzerland). Other countries 200.- EUR extra. 499.- EUR 399.- EUR 299.- EUR
Callback Service  no  yes  yes
free update and upgrade service, max. once a year  no  Standard  all available new features
Replacement device for repair of your automatic embossing machine  no  149.- EUR  free of charge
Premium email address for prioritized support requests with guaranteed fast processing  no  no  yes
Telephone hotline (Mon-Fri 0900-1700)  no  no  yes
Response time according to HRMTEC Service Level Standards (SLS)  no  no  yes
Chat Tool for Inquiries, Help & Support  no  no  yes
Access to Knowledge Database (Tips & Tricks)  no  no  yes
exclusive ribbon layout template package and cliché layout package  no  no  yes
HRMTEC certification as professional ribbon printing operation possible, max. once a year in the HRMTEC training center. Certificate in form of an exclusive stainless steel label (1x large, 1x small) for your entrance area for signage as a professional ribbon printing company (certified by HRMTEC)  no  no  yes

 Free remote maintenance sessions included (max. 1h)

1 / year  2 / year  5 / year